Amazing & inspiring.

Prince of Sand Animator


Abe Rubio, currently is one of the leading Sand Artist in Indonesia,
together with Denny Darko and Vina Candrawati IMB.

Sand Animation recently has become an effective media to articulate company message during various activation program such as product launching, company gathering, corporate branding, anniversary, wedding, testimony, video clips, or any kind of special event.

By far, there has been a lot of companies, institutions and individuals who already enjoy uniqueness and sensation of experience by utilizing Sand Animation services for most benefit and impactful to their business and objectives.

Therefore, NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!

Feel the ambience and sensation of Sand Animation, Abe Rubio.


Skill & Services

  • Illustrator
  • Graphic Design
  • Art Direction


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • S Note Galaxy
  • Google Sketchup

Creative Fields

Creative Direction, Illustration, Graphic Design.




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Contact us : 0812 8077 2255 abdil


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